Hösten är här!

Autumn is here!

After having spent a year in Lund, I started this autumn semester with a brace-yourself-winter-is-coming mentality. I keep thinking that now I have all this knowledge about surviving the darkness, the cold, the depressing way people just vanish from the city streets after 6pm.

However, lately, autumn has been in full swing here in Lund and it couldn’t be any more different than last year. Last year, we had so much rain and wind, it was pointless to even hope for a dry day. We experienced the darkest November on record in Sweden (survival tips: here!), we had a windy, cold winter…

It is now the end of October and I am writing this blog post on a sunny, autumn day. Wait, that’s not even the best part of it. I am writing this blog post on a fifth consecutive sunny autumn day!

If you’ve been following our instagram feed (and you better be!), you could see that the golden tones of autumn foliage have been covering Lund’s cobblestones and provided for very slippery roads in the mornings. So keep those high heels at home, ladies! 🙂

Of course, as it always happens, it is exactly when you have a load of school work to do at the library that the weather is beautiful and perfect for taking walks and being outdoors all the time. On top of that, I’ve been sick with a pretty nasty cold for the past couple of days, so I can’t really enjoy any of this beautiful weather! 🙁

Regardless, I took some photos for you to see how autumn in Lund doesn’t have to be so bad.

[Ok… I think I probably jinxed it now]

Also, if you’re sick and have a ton of work to do, here’s a way to do it all, as demonstrated by my classmate Katoy:


Written by Dena

27 Oct 2015