A numerical analysis on the worthiness of bus pass


Written by Gimmy

19 Sep 2015

1. Background

My room is 10 mins away from Chalmers (5 mins with bike)… Is it worth it to buy a monthly bus pass?

2. Cost Analysis

  • A single ticket costs 26 kr and it is valid for 1,5 hrs;
  • A three-month pass costs 1175 kr.

3. Behaviour Analysis

Typically in one week, I…

  • Go to the supermarket, once;
  • Sporadically go for a pint, once;
  • Somehow end up in McDonalds/food places, once;
  • Go to Swedish class, twice.

4. Logged Data

Vasttrafik analysis

During the summer months (April – July), I did not buy the monthly pass. Instead, I bought individual bus tickets with my credit card. I plotted the purchase history vs. date.

*Note, I was traveling for three weeks (gaps in May, June and July) and therefore I didn’t purchase any tickets.

5. Conclusion

  • Clearly, some days I bought multiple tickets…
  • I spent 1436 kr in three month!
  • Breakeven point around end of June
  • Buy the bus pass! It gives you freedom to explore the city at a fantastic price!



PS. Insider tip: learn Matlab before coming to Chalmers

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Written by Gimmy

19 Sep 2015