A chance to win a travel grant to visit SSE!

Stockholm School of Economics recently launched a competition on Sqore where bachelor students and graduates can participate to win a chance to visit the school in Stockholm and learn more about the programs and the city. I tried some questions in the competition and they seemed fun!

Click here to go to the competition.

The competition consists of the following and has already been getting good response from students from all over the world!

Screenshot 2015-09-18 at 7.44.45 PM

I can imagine myself being a student in a college in India and taking part in this competition! I am sure my friends would have been interested too.. I know that the chances of winning are low, but I am sure I would have taken part mainly for two reasons. One, it sounds like fun and would give me exposure to different kinds of challenges you know, case and management challenges are not the usual things I dealt with when I was studying engineering. Two, I had nothing to lose except for an hour or so. Also, this might be the future of engaging students to get interested in universities you know, more and more universities might do this. Already on the website one can find other such opportunities including another competition to win a chance to visit Chalmers Univeristy in Gotenburg Sweden. 

Anyway, best of luck to those who take part in the competition and hope you have fun and win!


Written by Raghuraman

18 Sep 2015