IMG_3247When I woke up in my tent, I saw 8 messages, 7 missed calls, and 20 emails. uh ohhh. I knew I was in trouble. I completely forgot about my meeting with the StudyInSweden digital ambassadors. I was supposed to catch the 0640 Stockholm bound train.

That is the effect Swedish nature has on you. You lose the sense of time, stress, and attachment to the hustling world.

Ok, I am on the train rushing to the capital now. (Thank goodness the last minute tickets are cheap, and the trains go frequently)


Windows wallpaper or iPhone?

Sååå… It is finally 12 degrees in Sweden. We have been rewarded with a “mild” winter, but now we are suffering from the “coldest summer” for the last 100 years (an old man at the ferry terminal told me this… hence credible source).

With intermittent sunshine, some “breeze”, and everlasting daylight, this is the season to enjoy the Great Swedish Outdoors. However…


Man, I made an impressive bonfire. I am made for wilderness!

… You might not have the wilderness survival skills of a Norwegian boy scout. I am a city slicker. But with moderate preparation, an overnight trip to the archipelago near Göteborg is your first step into Sweden’s backyard. In fact, you can still wear skinny jeans and enjoy the Swedish nature at the same time.


I own some basic camping equipment.

For sleeping: tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag.

For cooking: I went into the kitchen and grabbed what I needed. Disposable grills can be found in almost all supermarkets and gas stations.

Bring enough warm clothing – Temperature drops to around 3C overnight, not considering wind-chill. Anyways, bring your winter coat.

You are set!


Oh, did I forget to remind you about mosquito repellent spray?


Vrängö is my favourite island accessible by public transportation. It is the least populated one. It is also the only one I have been to. The ferry port is not very far from the city (30 mins from city center). The ferry goes about once an hour, and the ride is about 40 minutes long.


Once arrived at the island, we found a secluded spot to pitch the tent. The rocky ground tore a hole in my tent. I am glad it didn’t rain.

Around sunset, swamps of LARGE INTIMIDATING Nordic mosquitos came in. Don’t stand still. Collected a bunch of branches from the nearby forest. Dried up pine tree branches is the best kindling. Started the fire as fast as we could… the smoke dissuaded the mosquitos.



I am not a hardcore camper “roughing” it. My idea of camping involves building a large bonfire and having beers near the fire while stargazing.

Bring lagom amount of food and drinks. Don’t forget to bring about 5L of drinking water to …wash, brush teeth, cook, drink… be careful not to take the “sparkling water” by mistake…ahem…

Have fun!




Written by Gimmy

15 Jun 2015