This is why life is good – SUP

Life is amazing. We are born in a huge world full of opportunities, which is like a playground in which we can choose the games we play with. But sometimes we forget that we can actually choose the games that we want play with… And I seem to have found a pretty fun game 😀 I realized this the other day, while watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen:


While standing there staring into the emptiness, I thought of the amazing day that I’d had. It was one of these amazing days where we feel like we are on top of the world. It had truly been one of the most enjoyable days in a long time:

After waking up, I went for a walk by the water, and I got pleasantly surprised: It was the first morning that the water had frozen. It looked so beautiful:


It then occurred to me that maybe there would be icebergs floating around too, so I decided to go to the other side of Stockholm to pick up my sailing boat and go sailing around icebergs.

On my way there, I stopped by to hang out on some rooftops with one of my best friends. We just love the view from there!


After the rooftop, I cycled as fast as I could to this amazing island called Tranholmen, where my friend has the world’s coolest house in front of the water, along with a couple of stand up paddles, and my sailing boat on the dock 😀


My original plan was to go sailing, but when I got there I realized that there was no wind whatsoever, so I put on a wet suit and took the stand up paddles instead, and decided to go for an aquatic tour…


After a whole, I noticed that the sunrise was soon going to take place, and I wanted to find a nice spot to watch it… Luckily for me, there was an uninhabited island really close nearby…


…So I paddled to there and invaded it! 😀 Coming onto land was a bit tricky since the rocks were really slippery from the ice and algae, but I made it 😀 Since the island was pretty small, I walked all around it and felt like the island king.


I watched until the sun was almost gone, and then decided to go back home, in the calmness of the water. The views were so picturesque, and there was something in the air that inspired calm and tranquility, although with a spite of adventure in it. I mean, just look at the picture below that I took then, and you’ll understand!


After this, I went to watch the sunset from another beach, and that’s when I understood that life is super good because it can be super enjoyable and fun, if we simply choose to do those things that we love doing…. Like cycling through beautiful beaches:


I was talking about this yesterday with a good friend, and the brightest person that I have ever spoken with… And we came to the conclusion that all the not-so-enjoyable things that we’d done in life just so that it would look good on the CV, were never worth it. The reward obtained from them never outweighed the cost of energy needed to produce it. Because of this, it’s time to stop will all the “I should do this and this…”, and start with the “I’ll do this and this because I find i find and enjoyable…”.

Now the question remains… How to package this in terms of a service/product to get paid for it? 😀 Anyone up for writing a blog post on this? 😀


Written by Jesús

21 Feb 2015