Waiting for the Sun

So this winter wasn’t really too cold. I don’t think the temperatures in Stockholm went down below -10C at all. It just hovered around 0C for most of the winter. It was gloomy and dark though. For a person who has spent most of his life above 30-35C, it came as quite a surprise that I actually enjoy the cold. I find it really refreshing to go for a walk in the cold. Of course you need the right clothing and Gimmy has covered that over here.

The thing that really got to me wasn’t the temperature but the darkness. I think till the end of December it was fine, though we saw only 3-4 hours of sunshine in November. But January was really hard for me. Its been gloomy and there hasn’t been any sunshine for a really long time. Though the day lasts from about 8 am to 4 pm, there is no real sun shine. And also after Christmas and New Years there isn’t much too look forward to until spring.

More than anything, this period reminds me of the harshest summers I spent when I was working in India. The scorching temperatures of 45+C made me appreciate the monsoons more than anything else in the world. I remember exactly how I felt during the first shower after that summer. I felt like I had a new lease of life, like nothing could hold me back now, pure meaningless bliss! Even though I am no longer a child, I really enjoy getting wet in the first showers of the monsoon. It really is a feeling like no other. But to really enjoy it, one must endure the summer.

I guess that’s the same with this winter. Not seeing the sun for months together just makes you appreciate the summers more, or so I hope! The last 3 days have been absolutely splendid! The sun has been out for 3 days in a row now and just looking at it makes me happy and fills me with new found hope. Of course, this meant spending more time outdoors even if it is just walking around! Oh the blue cloudless skies.

I really cant wait for the time when I wont have to wear a jacket and a scarf all the time. When I can start wearing shorts and most of all when  I can start swimming in the lakes!


Written by Raghuraman

08 Feb 2015