Last few days of Autumn

To be honest, we are lucky to have a prolonged autumn this time around. At least in the city of Växjö, we are still enjoying the bright and sunny afternoons in conjunction with cold breeze, making it a majestically beautiful place to enjoy nature. However some previous students, while having a friendly chat, were exclaimed by this. They said last year the summer was short and it started snowing by late September, quite early for Swedish seasons. But the winter didn’t end up to be that harsh. “It was manageable last year, travelling and going to classes weren’t any issue”, recalled one of them. “And it wasn’t that extreme either so many international students got used to it hands down.”

This meant the upcoming winter is going to bring very low temperatures. “Expect -20 or -30 this time”, said another one with a grin – making me realize the climate challenge I am going to be facing very soon. More so because, having spent about 10 years in United Arab Emirates, I am quite used to the warm, sunny climate of around 35 to 40 degree celcius. It wasn’t that different back home in Bangladesh too, where we have always had tropical climates, making me one of the certain groups of people who only haven’t experienced extreme cold weather.

But I guess everything in life is a challenge, may it be completing assignments, cooking on your own or trying not to slip on snow! Sweden has been simply beautiful thus far and I believe, its winters will be the same in this own natural form. For now, I am just getting ready for it. And oh yes, someone suggested me to buy snow jackets and boots as that will be my lifeline in Swedish winters. Off to check it out soon!


Written by Redwan

14 Oct 2014