Sweden: A Country With The Future Perspective

Sweden is known with different things: Good foods, drink-lover citizens, tremendous nature, eco-friendly energy system, welcoming culture, English speaking population etc. However, Sweden has also strong presence in both trade and research activities of different business sectors. The significant industrial power and high pattern of investment of organisations in the following sectors help Sweden maintain a strong competitive advantage and create new job positions for everybody. Before coming here to study, you may want to check which business areas are in trend right now in Sweden.

Engineering industries

We need hardly mention that Sweden is engineering-driven country, which produces thousands of high-tech products and services for all of the people in the world. The advanced manufacturing industry covers from robotics to aerospace and medical imaging. Engineering plays an essential role not only in manufacturing but also in services such as Spotify or Klarna.


Sweden’s forest and pulp and paper research is extensive both on a national level and under the European framework program. In recent years, wood products, the pulp-and-paper industry and the publishing and printing industry account for around one tenth of the total manufacturing output.

Information and communication technology

Numerous studies and newspapers articles have always listed Sweden as one of the best IT countries in the world. Among the areas where Sweden offers competitive advantages in information and communication technologies area, you can count Internet procurement solutions, mobile wireless solutions & services, Internet, e-commerce, IP Telephony, wireless infrastructure equipment, e-based learning, vehicle telematics, robotics and the online and mobile games industry. These industries are just a few of.

Biotech and life science industries

With more than 200 biotechnology companies, Sweden has Europe’s fourth-largest biotech industry, and the largest in relation to both population and GDP. Most of the companies are active in the healthcare area, either producing new pharmaceutical drugs or developing tools for drug research and development. Biotech companies mostly do researches including innovative platform technologies and tools, protein drugs, stem cell research, and small molecule therapies etc. The deep tradition in biotech research, strong consolidation in the pharmaceutical sector, booming entrepreneurial activity, excellent research, biotech friendly legislative environment and access to venture capital all contribute to the Swedish biotech industry’s vitality.

Environmental industries and renewable energy

Environmental technologies (water, waste, air pollution control) and renewable energy (biomass and waste-to-energy) are areas in which Sweden holds a significant competitive advantage compared to other countries. Sweden recycles almost half of their waste and uses 52 percent to generate heat, less than 1 percent of garbage now ends up in the dump. Using garbage for energy effortlessly solves the issue of excessive reliance on landfills while at the same time helping to residents’ energy and heating needs.

So, which one of listed above industries does sound interesting for you? Please share your comments. It will be interesting to discuss with you.

Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

19 Dec 2015