University of Borås

A unique, modern university located in a centre for Swedish commerce

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What is the University of Borås best known for?

The University of Borås is known for its unique programmes in textiles and fashion as well as in resource recovery. The Swedish School of Textiles offers unique educational programmes and performs world-leading research within textiles and fashion focusing on subjects within design, textile technology, and textile management. The university is also home to the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery (SCRR), a multidisciplinary research environment that hosts research, education, and innovation in order to develop new methods and processes for material recovery and waste refinery.

Borås is a modern, medium-sized Swedish city close to both natural settings and bigger metropolises. It is known for being the historic centre for Sweden’s textile industry and the weaving machines of the past have transformed into an international centre for fashion and textile design. Many successful businesses with world-famous brands call Borås home.

What kind of programmes does the University of Borås offer?

We offer the following international programmes, taught entirely in English.

Three-year bachelor’s programmes:

  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Design
  • Textile Production and Innovation (starting autumn 2025)

One-year master’s programmes:

  • Informatics – Data-driven IT Management
  • Textile management

Two-year master’s programmes:

  • Textile Technology and Engineering
  • Technical Textile Innovation
  • Fashion Marketing and Management
  • Textile Value Chain Management
  • Resource Recovery – Biotechnology and Bioeconomy
  • Resource Recovery – Polymer Materials for the Circular Economy
  • Resource Recovery – Sustainable Energy Processes
  • Fashion and Textile Design, Specialisation in Fashion Design
  • Fashion and Textile Design, Specialisation in Textile Design
  • Fashion and Textile Design, Specialisation in Performance Wear
  • Fashion and Textile Design, Specialisation in Textile Interaction Design
  • Information Science: Digital Environments (distance programme)

What are ties to local industry like?

Borås is strategically located between Stockholm and Gothenburg, which is one reason why it is home to 11,500 companies in a wide range of sizes and sectors. There is an enormous spirit of enterprise in Borås, and more than 500 new companies are set up here every year.

The university has good collaborations in place with the regional business and industry community. They arrange activities together with external stakeholders that give students opportunities to make valuable contacts while studying, something that can increase your chances of great work opportunities after graduation. External engagement and collaboration include a wide range of different types of relationships and activities in research, education, utilisation, and innovation, which are conducted from the local to the international levels.

Many of Sweden’s leading fashion and textile companies are based in and around Borås and the Swedish School of Textiles leads the way in textile research and education.

University of Borås campus buildings.
Photo: The University of Borås, Anna Sigge
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