Nima Dokoohaki

master's programme in software engineering of distributed systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

‘When students come out of university in Sweden, they are ready to go to work.’

Why did you choose to study in Sweden?

I came from Iran to Sweden because I have relatives here, but also because of the opportunities a Swedish education can provide. Sweden tops other European countries in terms of higher education, especially graduate and post-graduate education. My Swedish education gave me access to facilities, lab equipment and computers that would not have been available at home. It has also provided me with close contacts in business and industry, which will be important when I starts my job search after graduation.

What aspects of studying in Sweden did you enjoy the most?

Education in Sweden is much more hands-on than in Iran. We are much more theoretical in Iran. Here, students are much more orientated towards industry, and they are much more practical. The other aspect is student life, which is very active here. Students themselves develop the student life and the universities play an active role. I find the people I meet easygoing and very helpful. University staff have done everything they can to make my stay in Sweden as enjoyable as possible.

Why do you think someone should study in Sweden?

Universities in Sweden have a very close relationship with industry. In our courses, there are always guest lecturers coming from Microsoft, or Sun Microsystems. You realise what will really happen when you work at Microsoft and how you should prepare yourself if you want to work there. When students come out of the university in Sweden, they are ready to go to work.

Photo: Alexander Mitelman


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