Murat Görür

MSc Energy and Environmental Engineering, Linköping University

‘Thanks to my education from Linköping University, I've found my dream job.’

Why did you choose to study in Sweden?

I first came into contact with Linköping University during my bachelor’s studies in Turkey. I wanted an exchange semester abroad to experience the global aspects of my studies in electrical engineering. I chose Sweden because the education system has a good reputation and because Swedish universities rank among the world’s best.

During my stay in Sweden, I experienced this high quality of education firsthand. This convinced me to study my dream master’s programme in Sweden after completing my bachelor’s studies.

Tell us a bit about your programme. How did studying in Sweden compare to being a student in your home country?

I followed the MSc Energy and Environmental Engineering programme – a unique programme globally. The approach of teaching and the expectation from students are where I have experienced the greatest difference in the Swedish education system. Lectures cover theory and practical projects with a ‘hands-on’ approach. As an engineer, this approach is necessary to build a solid background. Although Linköping University has extensive facilities on-site, it also has tight connections with industry for student projects and site visits. These practical experiences make Swedish education more adequate to equip and prepare students for their further life with a strong background.

What aspects of studying in Sweden did you enjoy the most?

I really appreciated the Swedish education system. Students have access to great tools and facilities, and unlimited support of the academic staff. This gave me the chance to expand my knowledge.

I also enjoyed a rich social life with a focus on student activities and social associations, which made me more self-confident socially. I stayed in a small region where many students live, surrounded by woods and shared areas which invite you to chill out after a hardworking and productive day at the university. This creates a synergy that connects people to interchange culture, knowledge and individual visions. The city and locals were also warm and accepting. This makes Linköping livable and enjoyable – I have unforgettable memories!

Why do you think someone should study in Sweden?

Sweden is more than cold winters and long summer days. The Swedish welfare system, including the high education standards, helps you adapt quickly. In the end you fall in love with the country. It’s great to be a part of the Swedish success story, with achievements within arts and sciences and with a sustainable economy. It’s a country of sincere and intelligent people.

What are you doing now, and how have your studies in Sweden helped you in your career?

I have been working as turbine technology engineer in a globally operating energy service company in the Netherlands for the past four years. I got in contact with this company during my master’s studies at Linköping University, when I was searching for a thesis project. The thesis project led to the development of a patented product which is now commercial in the market. After finishing my degree, I was hired by the same company as their turbine technology engineer – my dream job.

The critical thinking applied during lectures and exams changed my way of learning and improved my ability to make decisions – a very important skill that I use in my professional life, where I now hold a leadership role. I also developed an analytical mindset, creativity and self-confidence through the Swedish education system.

What advice do you have for future students in Sweden?

Be proactive. We wake to the magic of everyday life, and there are millions of opportunities around. Don’t be afraid to dream, and dream big. Open yourself to possibilities.


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