Iryna Mikhnovets

Master's programme in social work, Linnaeus University

‘While studying in Sweden I enjoyed the liberal attitude towards students, modern teaching methods, democratic dialogue, open-mindedness and inclusion.’

Why did you choose to study in Sweden?

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Ukraine I wanted to study my master’s abroad in order to experience a mix of multicultural variety and a new democratic academic perspective. This perfect combination I found in Sweden, which is famous for its progressive and flexible educational system, a broad number of educational programmes and an intercultural inclusion.

What aspects of studying in Sweden did you enjoy the most?

During my studies at Swedish university I enjoyed most of all the liberal attitude towards students, modern teaching methods, democratic dialogue, open-mindedness and inclusion. All these aspects undoubtedly contribute to improvement of critical thinking, which is incredibly important for a modern sustainable society.

Why do you think someone should study in Sweden?

To experience one of the most interesting, creative and tolerant cultures in the world, to enjoy the beauty and richness of pure Scandinavian nature, to meet friends for life, to learn about peculiarities of Swedish coffee breaks and why an elk became a Swedish national symbol – these are only a few reasons why you should study in Sweden!

What are some of your favourite memories from Sweden?

I have plenty of wonderful memories from Sweden, which I will forever associate with unique Northern culture, people, nature and traditions. Among my favourites is a trip to the archipelago outside Stockholm, where I discovered a picturesque landscape of small islands, resting on the waters of the Baltic Sea. I felt like I was in the story about a little boy called Nils Holgersson by Selma Lagerlöf, which I adored as a child. The Stockholm archipelago includes approximately 30.000 islands, which look like toy miniatures from a distance. The archipelago area can be compared with a city district, where instead of cars and buses you can use boats. This is really a unique place in Sweden, which should absolutely be on your list of ‘must visit’ when you will decide to explore Scandinavia.

It is hard to imagine anybody staying indifferent to Swedish nature. In summer, when a temperate heat turns into a pleasant chill, I am fond of taking a walk in the forest and collecting blueberries. I can call it ‘my Swedish tradition’ as I developed it since I came to Sweden. Apart from being relaxing, it is so much fun when you do it together with your friends!


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