Distance learning

Learn Swedish online from anywhere in the world. Here's a list of links to get you started.

Paid distance learning courses

The Swedish Institute offers a web course in Swedish. Many private organisations also offer paid distance learning courses, including:

Free web-based courses and resources

A good starting point is Lingu@net World Wide. Lingu@net is a search engine for language learning resources and offers an extensive directory of resources searchable based on a variety of criteria.

The following resources can also be useful:

  • Stockholm University: ‘Kom loss på svenska‘, a beginner’s course.
  • Safir: an interactive course.
  • Loecsen: pronunciation of common Swedish phrases.
  • Chinastudies.eu: an introduction to Swedish for Chinese speakers.
  • Swedish Flashcards: practice with words, sentences and texts.
  • Språkbanken: a collection of links to dictionaries and concordances of Swedish literature, maintained by the University of Gothenburg.
  • LEXIN: a contextual dictionary that translates between Swedish and 18 other languages.
  • Folkets lexikon: an English-Swedish dictionary released under a Creative Commons license and open for user contributions.
  • Tyda.se: a dictionary between English and Swedish including recorded pronunciations.
  • Bab.la: a dictionary, thesaurus and discussion forum.
  • Grim: a free language-learning environment for writers of Swedish that provides grammar-checking of Swedish texts.
  • Interglot: a multilingual dictionary that translates between six languages, including Swedish, and provides verb conjugation help.

University courses in Sweden

Study Swedish in Sweden. Several universities offer Swedish language courses or programmes for all levels.

University courses outside Sweden

Swedish is taught at universities around the world. Browse through the list to find your nearest one.

Adult education and summer courses

Adult education associations in Sweden often offer language courses in Swedish. Or perhaps you'd prefer a summer course?

Proficiency tests

Prove your proficiency in Swedish through a recognised test.


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