Travel ban update

Admitted to study in Sweden and need a residence permit? Great news. When you get your residence permit for studies, you’ll be allowed to travel into Sweden.

On 2 July, the Swedish government announced new exceptions to the non-EU travel ban. And it’s great news if you’ve been admitted to a Swedish university. Why? Because it means that if you have a new residence permit for studies, but have not yet moved to Sweden, you’ll be allowed to enter the country. This exemption is from 4 July. You can find more information on the Swedish government’s website. ↗️

Applying for a residence permit? Some Swedish missions abroad are still limited in helping process applications.

Yeah, this is great news. But we know that you might have questions about your residence permit. The Swedish Migration Agency has a handy FAQ ↗️ about residence permit applications/renewals.

But some Swedish missions abroad are still closed. And because of limited resources, some Swedish missions abroad are not able to assist the Swedish Migration Agency in processing residence permit applications. At least, not within the normal timeframe. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that you might have to wait longer to go for an interview or leave biometric data. This may change as the situation evolves, and as soon as we have more answers, we’ll update this information. You can also follow Sweden Abroad ↗️ for updates from your local Swedish embassy.