Study in Sweden Campus Tour 2016

Join us for a road trip around Swedish university campuses for an insider look at student life in Sweden.

We’re going on a road trip! From 22-31 August, digital ambassadors Marina and ABC  will be taking you on a tour of southern Sweden, visiting a new campus every day and sharing it all with you on social media. There will be campuses, cities, and crazy Swedish cultural quirks galore.

Marina and ABC will be sharing a constant flow of updates on Instagram and Snapchat, and we’ll be streaming live on Facebook once every day. Follow us on Facebook for updated times and topics.
study in sweden campus tour 2016

Uppsala: We’ll visit Uppsala University and enjoy the cosy city centre – and student life – in one of Sweden’s oldest traditional student towns.

Stockholm: We’ll check out four of Stockholm’s main universities: Stockholm School of Economics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Karolinska institutet. Then it’s straight to the top of Skrapan, one of central Stockholm’s few skyscrapers that just happens to house student flats.

Linköping: We’re invited to the orientation programme for new students at Linköping University and will follow along to a lecture about Swedish culture. Then it’s time for an excursion to nearby Söderköping, a cosy small town home to one of Sweden’s best-known ice cream parlours. In the evening, we’ll head back to Linköping for an outdoor city festival.

Jönköping: We’ll visit one of Sweden’s most international universities, Jönköping University, and explore the lovely city of Jönköping.

Gothenburg: Time for the west coast! We’re heading to both of the main universities in town: University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. After chatting with current students, it’s off to Liseberg, Gothenburg’s famous amusement park.

Skåne weekend: The ultimate Swedish pastime is traveling to a cottage in the countryside – and that’s just what we’re doing. It’ll be an über-Swedish weekend of kayaking, hiking, crayfish eating and mushroom picking, all topped off by a livestream live test of Swedish sour herring – considered by some to be the worst-smelling food in the world.

Malmö: In Sweden’s vibrant ‘third city’, we’ll visit Malmö University and explore all that downtown Malmö has to offer.

Småland: First thing in the morning, we’re off to the most Swedish of all stores: IKEA! Well, IKEA’s hometown and international headquarters in Älmhult, to be exact. We’ll check in with our digital ambassador alumna Angelina to learn about working at IKEA after graduating from a Swedish university. Later, we’ll head to nearby Växjö to tour Linnaeus University.

Lund: Our tour rounds off in Lund, another of Sweden’s traditional student towns and home to Lund University. Not only will we be showing you around campus and the wildly cosy city centre, we’ll be taking you inside Max IV, a brand-new, cutting edge particle accelerator and national laboratory home to incredible research projects in fields like biology, physics, chemistry and environmental science.

Have questions, suggestions, requests or demands for what you have have to see on the tour? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We can’t wait to see you – and take you – there!



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