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New students: apply to become a Study in Sweden Digital Ambassador!

Want to share your Sweden story with thousands of prospective students around the world?

We’re looking for students starting their studies in Sweden this autumn who are interested in joining our digital ambassador programme. As a digital ambassador, you’ll represent your university, home country and Sweden to international students who are considering Sweden for their own studies. This is your chance to share your story and connect with fellow students around the world.

We’re looking for students who are creative, funny and open to blogInstagram  and create videos throughout your time as students in Sweden.

We’ll meet regularly throughout the year to share experiences and swap ideas.

Level of excitement to become a Digital Ambassador – 10/10!

What are your responsibilities as a digital ambassador?

Depending upon what team you are part of you will be focussing most of your time on blogging, instagramming or creating videos for YouTube. In addition, all digital ambassadors are expected to periodically blog, respond to user comments, communicate with prospective students by email, take part in Facebook live feeds and periodically run our Snapchat account.

You are expected to spend a minimum of 15 hours per month in your role as a digital ambassador. This is a paid position.

Our digital ambassadors are divided into separate teams allowing you to focus your time and effort into the channel you are most passionate about.

  • Blog team: As part of our blogging team you will focus on writing posts for the Study in Sweden blog, posting around four blog posts every month.
  • Instagram team: The Instagram team is made up of around four students who share the responsibility of running our Instagram account including photos, stories and Instagram live. You are also expected to make periodic blog posts.
  • Video team: As part of our brand new video team you will be expected to produce short instructional videos about life and studies in Sweden for our YouTube account. You should be comfortable with all stages of the video creating process. You are also expected to make periodic blog posts.
  • China team: As part of our Mandarin language team you will contribute content for the Study in Sweden WeChat, Weibo and Bilibili accounts and write for the Mandarin blog on our official Mandarin website.

Your profile:

  • You should love telling stories and communicating with people from different backgrounds. This can be through text, video, photo or your media of choice. The important thing is that you have a passion for communication and people.
  • You must be comfortable writing in English, but perfect language skills aren’t essential. The most important thing is that you can tell your story confidently and that you have your own voice. We’re looking for students from all different international backgrounds – not just native speakers of English.
  • You should be comfortable with answering questions from fellow students (we’ll help you with the answers) and representing your university, your home country and Sweden.
  • You can make a commitment to spending a minimum of 15 hours a month during the semester on being a digital ambassador and to attending meetups four to five times during the academic year.

Check out the current blog here.

Typical day on the job

A less-typical day on the job

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from international students who are beginning a master’s or bachelor’s degree in Sweden autumn semester 2017. Only new, full-time, degree-seeking students will be considered.

Join our amazing team!

How to apply?

To apply, please send the application documents below by email to info(a) by 4 September 2017 (24:00 local Swedish time, CET).

All documents should be in English. If you speak Mandarin, please also send a sample blog post in Mandarin.

Application documents for all applicants

  • Email text – State your name, university you are studying at, the programme you are studying and number of years of the programme. State which team(s) you’d like to apply for in the subject line of your email. The teams are blog team, Instagram team and the video team. You can apply for more than one team.
  • CV including links or samples to any relevant social media profiles that you maintain (blog, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Weibo, etc.).  Make sure to make your account public if you have a private account.
  • A short self-presentation – be creative! Text of maximum 200 words or video of maximum 2 minutes.
  • A sample blog post, maximum 300 words. Use one of the following topics, or choose your own:
    • Tell us about something you often do in your everyday life.
    • Compare life in your hometown to another country or city where you’ve lived.
    • Describe what you’re expecting from your time in Sweden and why.
    • Tell us about a culture clash that you’ve been through.
  • A text of maximum 400 words answering the questions:
    • Why did you choose to study in Sweden?
    • Why do you want to become a digital ambassador?
  • Let us know if you are specifically interested in working with our podcast Sweden And… and have prior experience producing podcasts.

Blog team – additional application documents

  • A text of maximum 200 words listing three blogs you like and why you like them.

Instagram team – additional application documents

  • A text of maximum 200 words listing three Instagram accounts you like and why.
  • A link to your Instagram account. Don’t forget to make your account public until the application process is complete.

Video team – Additional application documents

  • A link or attachment to a short instructional video of maximum three minutes that teaches us something. It can be about any topic you’d like. We want to see your ability to create and produce content for video.
  • A link to your YouTube account or any other samples you’d like to include.

China team – Additional application documents

  • A sample blog post in Mandarin. It’s fine to address the same topic you address in your sample blog post in English.

We can’t wait to read your applications!


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