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MOOCs at Swedish universities

Study at Swedish university online – for free!

Interested in studying global health, green economics or e-health from some of the world’s best universities – for free? This year, two Swedish universities are offering MOOCs in these and lots of other subjects to give you a taste of what to expect from a full degree here in Sweden.

What’s a MOOC?

MOOC stands for massive open online course. A MOOC is just that: a course taught online, for free, to anyone curious about the subject. Sometimes you can pay extra to earn a special certificate.

To learn more, just click on the links below and sign up!

MOOCs at Karolinska Institutet

Explore Statistics with R

eHealth – Opportunities and Challenges

Behavioural Medicine: a Key to Better Health

Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trials in Healthcare

An Introduction to Global Health

MOOCs at Lund University

European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals

Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia

Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities

Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


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