A student reading a newspaper. Photo: Ulf Lundin

Deadline for studies starting this spring

Just a few days left until the application deadline for courses and programmes starting in January 2020! If you want to study in Sweden this spring, seize your chance. Apply no later than Thursday 15 August.

Find a programme

Visit Universityadmissions.se for a full listing of courses and programmes open for application.

How to apply

Submit your application directly on Universityadmissions.se. For general guidelines on the application process, see How to apply.

Send in supporting documents

After submitting your application by 15 August, you will have until 2 September to send in any supporting documents and pay your application fee. You can read more about documentation on University Admissions.

Get your results!

After the hardest part (waiting for your results), you’ll finally get your notification of selection results. If you’re a bachelor’s student, you will find out on 10 October whether you are admitted to university in Sweden. If you’re a master’s student, you’ll find out your selection results on 18 October.


If you have questions about the application process, contact Universityadmissions.se directly. With questions about your programme, contact the course or programme coordinator – you can find contact details on the course or programme’s website.

If you have a general question, you can also always write to us on Facebook.


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