Livestream – Prepare for a career in Sweden

Want to stay in Sweden after your studies to find a job? Yes? Then you’re in the right place. Join our livestream on 7 May 2024 to learn how to prepare for your career in Sweden.

Livestream: Prepare for your career in Sweden – the most important things you need to know

Are you planning on staying in Sweden to work after your studies? On 7 May at 14:00 CEST you are invited to join a livestream where you can learn how to set yourself up in the best possible way if you’re looking to start your career in Sweden.

You’ll get to meet Greg Fernando, the founder of New to Sweden, who will guide you through th emost important things you need to know about working in Sweden. He will share his top 10 tips for international jobseekers in Sweden, such as:

  • Common challenges facing Swedish job seekers
  • The importance of networking (How? What does that mean?)
  • How can I boost my CV? How can I best communicate my skills in the Swedish market?

Greg is the job coach for New to Sweden’s Ready to Work program. A former recruiter, Greg has also taught similar workshops at Stockholm University and for the Region of Stockholm’s Sfx program. The livestream will be in English and questions from the audience are encouraged!

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