Admissions results 2022

Did you apply to study in Sweden this autumn? You can now see if you’ve been admitted.

The wait is over! 🎉 The admissions results for bachelor’s and master’s programmes are out. So head on over to University Admissions ↗️ and find out if you’ve been admitted to study in Sweden!

If you’ve been admitted

Congratulations! This is incredible, life-changing news. 🎈 So go out, celebrate, and tell EVERYONE you know that you’ve been admitted to a university in Sweden. 🎉

What’s next?

There’s some stuff you’ll need to sort out before the start of the academic year. Applying for a residence permit, finding somewhere to live, packing, booking your flights. This kind of thing. And we’re here to make sure your journey to Sweden goes as smoothly as possible.

Join our upcoming livestreams to get tips and advice for moving to Sweden:

We’re hosting a series of Q&A livestreams on 20 April with our digital ambassadors.

Do you have questions about how to prepare for your move to Sweden? Join us live and ask our digital ambassadors your burning questions.

Q&A with Jed, Edwina & Tina – 20 April 10:00 CEST ↗️

Q&A with Annamaria, Catharina & Khang – 20 April 14:00 CEST ↗️

Q&A with Brooke, Jed & Nozinhle – 20 April 17:00 CEST ↗️

Can’t watch live?

No worries. You can always watch the recording afterwards on our YouTube ↗️ or Facebook. ↗️

Are you worried about making a mistake when applying for your residence permit?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 😅

So join us on 26 April at 15:00 CEST for a livestream with the Swedish Migration Agency, where we’ll walk you through each step of your residence permit application.

Join our livestream and learn how to apply for a residence permit in Sweden ↗️

Can’t watch live?

No worries. You can always watch the recording afterwards on our YouTube ↗️ or Facebook. ↗️

Four students standing in front of the sea.
Photo: Oskar Omne

Links you’ll want to click on

The university you’re admitted to will keep you updated on your next steps. They’re here for you, every step of the way.

And we’ve got loads of blog posts and videos ↗️ that will help you prepare for your move to Sweden.

Here are some of our favourites:

First things first, head over to the Swedish Migration Agency’s website for information about applying for your residence permit. ↗️

Our digital ambassador Lara has put together a step-by-step guide for the residence permit application – it’s a must-read before starting your residence permit application.

Are you starting to look for somewhere to live? Our digital ambassadors have you covered:

Nervous about the cost of living in Sweden? Well, that’s fair enough. Because Sweden is an expensive place to live. But, with some smart spending, it can be manageable. Here’s what our digital ambassadors have to say about the cost of living in Sweden:

Want some budgeting tips?

What should you bring to Sweden?

How to dress for the Swedish winter? Since Swedish winter’s can be…well…dark and cold and snowy, it’s good to be prepared. Here’s some top tips from our digital ambassadors:

This bit might feel a while away. But there’s quite a lot to sort out after you arrive in Sweden. Here’s what our digital ambassadors have to say:

Follow our digital ambassadors and see what life is like studying in Sweden.

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If your status is “reserve”

Okay, so this means you’re on the waiting list for your programme or course. But don’t panic, you could still be admitted later. It depends on a few things. Here’s what it means if you’re on the waiting list↗️

If you weren’t admitted

We’re really sorry to hear that. Sweden is a popular study destination, and many highly qualified students tend to apply. But don’t give up. Why not try again? On 1 June you can apply for studies starting in the spring of 2023. ↗️ And then in October you’ll be able to apply for programmes starting in autumn 2023. (Just a heads-up – there’s usually way more programmes to choose from in the autumn intake.)

Are you confused about your selection result? This guide can help you interpret things. ↗️