What Failure Has Taught Me to Get to Sweden


Written by Brooke

13 Oct 2021

The year is 2019. Covid has yet to become a global pandemic and we are all living our lives merely peacefully. This is also the year that I prepared my application for a university here in Sweden. I was obsessed with the particular program I was applying to. Countless hours was spent by me researching more information about the program. I spent even more hours writing my personal statement. Everything had to be perfect so I had a good chance of getting in to the program. The application process consumed me and there was no other option but getting in.

Little did I know that in April of 2020 my soul would be crushed as I did not get into the program I so desperately wanted. Most of the hatred went towards myself. I felt like a failure, like I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t do absolutely everything in my power. A lot of time was spent replaying negative thoughts in my head and doubting myself and my abilities. All in all it was an extremely depressing time in my life.

Looking back at this tough time in my life I know that it also taught me a lot and even prepared me to get to Sweden. Failing in the application process helped me learn valuable life lessons that shaped me into the person that I am today. Below are some of the lessons that failure has taught me in this journey.

  • Failing Does Not Say Anything In Particular About You

While it may be hard not to internalize failure when it happens to you, it also does not say anything in particular about you. It does not reflect anything about your character, worth, or value as a person. You are valuable without getting an acceptance into a program even if it is something you desperately want. Your worth does not lie in whether you accomplish something or not. You are already worthy!

  • Sometimes Things Aren’t Meant to Be

Although it was hard to accept that I didn’t get into the program I applied to, I also had to realize that not everything is meant to be. If it was really meant to be for me to be in this program I would’ve been accepted. This is a hard reality to accept and not everyone does. It can also be comforting to have a reason attached to why something you wanted didn’t happen. Not having a reason why something didn’t happen can play in your head and leave you feeling not only confused but hurt. Some things are not meant to be…and that’s okay!

  • Failure Makes You Stronger

If there is one thing I have experienced from failing it is strength! I have become a stronger person from my failures as I have it has helped me become courageous and resilient in times of trouble. Because of my failures I am a stronger person now in 2021 than I was in 2019. I am grateful for the failures I have gone through as it has made me more courageous!

  • Failure Helps You Grow

One lesson I learned from not being accepted into the program I wanted was growth. Whenever you fail it is inevitable that you will grow and evolve. By failing you find deeper meanings and realize why you are doing what you are doing. Through finding deeper meanings, you develop significance from hard circumstances. In life we are meant to grow and evolve. Without growth we wouldn’t be able to become better. All in all, failure is crucial to growth!

  • Failure Opens The Door to Other Opportunities

It may be hard to believe that failing at something could open door for more opportunities, however it is true. I wouldn’t be here where I am today in Sweden at this particular moment if I had gotten into the program I wanted. With one door closing I looked for other doors to open. Here I found a new program that gave me more opportunities, friendships, and special moments than I could ever imagine. Failing at something does not mean that you won’t get another chance like it ever again, in fact you might get an even better one!

To sum it up, failure is perfectly okay and sometimes needed to grow, make us stronger, and open the way to new experiences and chances. You are not a failure if you fail, in fact you’re perfectly normal!

Failure has taught me a lot of lessons personally and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today in Sweden!


Written by Brooke

13 Oct 2021