Student Dorm Life: The People You’ll Meet


Written by Sanjay

11 Apr 2019

Student Dorm Life

When it comes to choosing places to live in Sweden, a Student dorm or Student Corridor might be the first choice for many students.  At Malmö University and many other universities in Sweden, international fee-paying students are guaranteed accommodation at the University’s dormitories.  Therefore, it’s good to keep an eye out for an email stating this. You can also contact the Housing Office at your new University to get some insights.

A huge benefit of living in a student dorm is that you get to meet many awesome people who you will remember for years to come. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Party Animal

This individual is known to have fun even in the middle of exam season.  They have the potential to make you drop those books and head to the party in no time. They are always nice to have around the dorm as sometimes your workload might be too much to handle and you need to de-stress.

The Sweetheart

I would say this person is one of the nicest you’ll ever meet. They always look out for you and are never reluctant to call you friend. They are typically the chef of the dorm and can make you feel happy on a very tiring day with warm comfort food. Be careful though, you might end up putting on a few pounds when they are around!

Group of students sitting in a shared kitchen studying.
Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson/

The Walking Bed

It’s easy to find people who are always drinking coffee and never sleeping. A more interesting individual is the one who is always sleeping and hardly ever at school. After reminding them to head to school a number of times, you might end up feeling like their big brother or sister. No worries though, a little responsibility will not kill you.

The Dorm Rockstar

Every dorm has a budding musician. If you are lucky you will meet the next superstar who plays or sings amazing music every day. These individuals are always sharpening their skills in the shower or in their room and can be heard from a mile away.  Hopefully, they don’t play their music after hours when you really need to sleep or study.

students having a party
Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad/

The Wiz Kid

With all the fun that happens on a dorm, sooner or later you have to get down to business. That means finishing that assignment! If you are lucky the very helpful Wiz-Kid can occasionally help you out. Whether you need help in statistics or physics, there is always someone on a dorm that can help. The Wiz-Kid might even be you!

Living on a dorm has its pros and cons, but you will never regret the lifelong connections you will make. I highly recommend signing up to enjoy the Student Dorm ↗️ experience!


Written by Sanjay

11 Apr 2019