Another day in paradise… Daring sailing

It was Sunday the 15th February, the morning after St Valentines day. The sun was shining and I could feel that it was going to be a great day again!

So, as the Swedish tradition dictates (or maybe not this early :P). we had some nice breakfast fika. While drinking the coffee, I could not help but look out of the window and think about how amazing it would be to go sailing in this weather…


And there was only 1 way to find out. Granted, it was probably too cold, too windy, and plain slightly crazy… But I just had to go out sailing. So I put up the sails, and then the adrenaline kicked in. The wind was preeeeetty damn strong, and I was going to go sailing on my own. Additionally, some petrol pipe had frozen and broken, so I could not use the motor (so I didn’t even bother setting it up on the boat)… Which meant that I could only use the wind 😀 Which would be great if I was a good sailor.


But it was an amazing day and I just had no other choice but to put my wetsuit and ski clothes on top and leave 🙂


I’m going to admit that I’m a pretty crappy captain, but somehow, it managed to work out, and I had a lovely long tour around many islands in the Stockholm archipelago…


It’s pretty cool that here in Sweden, you don’t need a sailing license to sail on small boats like mine 😀 It makes life so much easier! 😀

However, if you are going to try it out, you should know that there are plenty of shallow parts in the middle of the sea. So I’d strongly recommend that you go to and click on “sjökort” on the top right corner to get a sea map 😀 You can even download their app, which is super useful! I wish I would have known about this before I crashed into some submarine shallow rocks in the previous summer 😀


Anyway, it’s just such a nice feeling to go out there and choose exactly where you want to sail to, which islands to go around, while not having to move your ass 😀

Oh, and at some point I saw these remotely controlled mini sailing boats that were having a race… It looked like so much fun! And the people controlling these boats are on the top right corner. I thought of joining the race but I would have screwed up everything! 😀


Anyway, after a couple of hours, it was time to sail back home to eat some food and get some stuff done… Of course, I struggled slightly to bring the boat back to its dock without any motor, but I made it 😀


And of course, a day is not complete without going to the beach and watching the sunset from there 😀


In case you are wondering what the sailing looked like, just take a look at this 18 second video onboard 😀

Oh, and btw, some of the sailing boats here in Stockholm are super cheap. I bought mine for about what some of my friends pay in rent for 1 month 🙂

Have an amazing day doing something that you love doing! / J


Written by Jesús

21 Feb 2015