Göteborg lövvvvvv Toronto

Så, my Canadian comrade Matt Prokop (who is working in U.K. at the moment) swam across the North Sea to Göteborg (2 hrs to London Heathrow). Matt and I studied Mechanical Engineering together back in University of Waterloo. We also lived together during our internships in Toronto. So, let’s say we have many common interests.

It was nice having him around for the weekend, as I was forced to not spend my entire weekend in the computer lab with Chalmers Formula Student guys. So I  got my life back, and I decided to capture it on tape. If you are studying in Chalmers and your friends are coming, here is your to do list.

The weather was unrealistically great that entire weekend. Perhaps I gave him a false illusion of rainy Göteborg… so he promised to come back in the summer.

Tentative summer plans:

1/ Sail around Göteborg

2/ We will mountain bike & camp & bike somewhere towards the north.

I’m sure the only reason he is here is to see the Swedish girls, visiting me is his cover..


Written by Gimmy

16 Nov 2014